Massage of the Director

The Department of Industries of Western Province has been fast moving towards its goals for the past 16 years through its objective of preserving, promoting and encouraging traditional industries in the Western Province. The Department of Industries of Western Province which consists of 99 production and training centers and 14 outlets is a source of resources comprising of 436 permanent staff and nearly 600 technical persons.

We have a number of training and production fields carried out while matching traditional industrial fields such as textile, wood, light engineering, clay, coir, gem cutting and sewing as well as modern technical fields such as electronic technology, computer and electrical technology.

Conducting training programmes for the craftsmen of the province, providing service facilities in the production process, providing facilities to sell their products, conducting annual competitions and exhibitions and conducting programmes to encourage craftsmen are considered as our key roles. The number of craftsmen engaged in traditional industries who serves in our centers and earn daily incomes are over 600. Also we have been able to contribute a revenue over Rs. 100 million annually to the Western Provincial Council. It is with great pleasure we mention that we have been able to make a great financial saving for the Western Provincial Council through the repair of school desks and chairs, hospital equipment and manufacture of school and Dhamma School items by the craftsmen of our department.

I invite you to build up your future success by joining the Department of Industries of Western Province which moves towards the challenging goals of making the decaying traditional industries of Western Province close to the people and conserving them, introducing and promoting modern industries essential for the development of the economy.